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Torigata Lion Dance (Torigata Lion Dance)

Location: Sakagata, Noshiro City
Site(s) of performance: Torigata-Kumano Shrine, the community hall, and Chōsenji Temple
Date(s): August 7, 13, and 16
Category: Sasara and Horse Dance
There are scrolled records for the Torigata Lion Dance (Torigata Lion Dance), written in 1676 and 1825. According to those records, a man from Nara was adopted in Hitachi (present-day Ibaraki Prefecture), and when the Satake family was reassigned to the domain of Akita, he came to Akita with the Satake family. Later, he engaged in a rice field development project in Hachimori, and it was on that occasion that this lion dance was brought here. It is performed by three lions, each performed by one person with a small drum at the waist.

About Sasara and Horse Dance (Koma-Odori)