Kawakami Ōdaiko

Location: Shita-Kawara, Kosaka, Kosaka Town
Site(s) of performance: Kawakami Location Center
Date(s): August 16
Category: Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi
Taiko Bayashi (drum music) is often played for Bon dance at Bon festivals, but it is practiced here as Dai-no-saka music. The Kawakami District comprises four communities, namely Noguchi, Nigorikawa, Yoromai, and Sunakozawa, which cooperate to deliver the performance. The drum music is said to have been brought here by Sakuraba Mitsuhide from Miyako in the Nanbu Domain (in present-day Iwate Prefecture). It was originally meant to lift the morale of warriors.

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