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Sumomotai Horse Dance

Location: Sumomotai, Kita-Akita City
Site(s) of performance: Various places in the community
Date(s): August 13
Designation: City-Designated Intangible Folkloric Cultural Property
Category: Sasara and Horse Dance
The Sumomotai Horse Dance was derived from Jōshū-Kudaru Lion Dance of Dōji (Noshiro City) in the 17th century. It is practiced here only at Obon in mid-August to appease the spirits of the ancestors. Despite the name of Sumomotai Horse Dance, a yakko dance (samurai servants’ dance) and lion dance were performed also, even if only the horse dance and yakko dance survived the test of time. The Sumomotai Horse Dance Association was established in 1991 to maintain the tradition.

About Sasara and Horse Dance (Koma-Odori)