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Usui Kashima-Okuri

Location: Usui, Omonogawa-machi, Yokote City
Site(s) of performance: Yasaka Shrine and other places in the community
Date(s): Sunday in early July
Category: Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi
This is a folkloric performance art of dance music for the Kashima-Okuri rituals, which is practiced after the rice planting season. Starting from Yasaka Shrine, the principal shrine of the community, a yatai float (Kashima ship) goes around the community and people put their small Kashima dolls on the yatai float. At the bow of the float, a large Kashima doll, about 60 cm high, is fixed. The music is a simple one, played mostly with the drum placed on the yatai float. The drummer walks behind the float and beats the drum. Japanese flutes and gongs are also played while walking after the yatai float.

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