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Sugōda Kagura

Location: Sugoda, Tateai, Higashiyuri-machi, Yurihonjo City
Site(s) of performance: Hachiman Shrine and the community hall
Date(s): Sunday closest to September 15
Category: Dai-Kagura
Sugōda Kagura is a daidai-kagura of two lion dances: namely, the Shihō-Gatame Dance and the Six-Three Dance. The Shihō-Gatame Dance is a dance of exorcism performed by a lion dancer holding an ancient sword in the right hand and its sheath in the left, who performs the ritual of Shihō-Gatame. He first dances in front of the god, then goes around the four corners of the stage to suppress evil spirits with particular gestures. The Six-Three Dance is a dance and dialogue of a lady and a clown.

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