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Copyright Issues and Link Settings

This website is created and managed by Akita International University. The copyright belongs to Akita International University and all rights are reserved. If you wish to use any of the contents posted to this site for any purpose other than personal viewing (including copying, use in a lecture, etc.), please contact the preservation society responsible for the applicable content in advance to obtain permission to do so.

Link Settings
In principle, you may freely link to this site, including the top page and individual content pages. No prior notice is required to link to this site, but please comply with the following two points.

(1) Please clearly state that the link is to this site.
(2) Do not create a link that incorporates this site as if it were part of another website.

Additionally, if we find that the contents of this site are linked to under the following circumstances, we may ask you to remove the link.

1) there is a defamatory content against Akita International University or other entities;
2) the website is against public morals;
3) the website is illegal;
4) the website has a setting that would give the wrong impression of the ownership of the information; or
5) we have determined it to be inappropriate to give authorization.

– Akita International University is in no way liable for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this website.
– The contents of this website may be changed or deleted without notice.
– Akita International University does not guarantee the proper function of this website on all devices and is not responsible for any malfunctions.
– The contents are of the time of survey and may be changed later. Especially for the sites and dates of performance, which are naturally subject to change, please make inquiry to the performing groups if necessary.

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