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DVD Rentals and Use of Audiovisual Data

1) DVD Rentals
The long version of the audiovisual recordings have been registered on DVDs and distributed to local libraries. The Akita International University Library and the Akita Prefectural Library have the entire set, while the municipal libraries have only the DVDs recording the folkloric performance arts within the municipality. For more information, please make inquiry to the libraries.

2) Use of Audiovisual Data
If you wish to reproduce or publicly transmit the images/videos on this website or the images/videos on the DVDs, you mustcomply with the following terms of use.

<Terms of use>
  1. Please clearly state the copyright when using the material. (Example: ©Akita International University)
  2. Prior to using the material, please obtain individual written permission from the preservation society or the source that created the original material.
  3. Do not allow third parties to use the material. for which you have received a license to use from the Preservation Society or others without permission.
  4. Please refrain from using the material for any purpose other than the use permitted as explained in 2. above, including for commercial purposes.
  5. Do not use the material in a way that may harm the image rights of individuals or organizations.
  6. If a complaint or other request for improvement and/or suspension of use is made, you must comply with it immediately.