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Hanawa Bayashi

Location: Hanawa, Kazuno City
Site(s) of performance: Various places in the community
Date(s): August 19 and 20Designations: State-Designated Important Intangible Folkloric Cultural Property; UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as Yama, Hoko, Yatai, float festivals in Japan
Category: Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi
Hanawa Bayashi (Hanawa Music) is offered at the annual festival of Sakiwai-Inari Shrine, the most important shrine in the Hanawa area. The Sakiwai-Inari Shrine is a shrine of a local deity that has attracted the ardent worship of local residents. The sacred palanquin (mikoshi) starts from the main building of the shrine on August 16 and after going around the town comes back to the shrine on August 20. On August 19 and 20, each district in the town offers its music float to the deity. The floats have gorgeous pillars and ornaments without roofs. Many of them have gorgeous decorations such as bargeboards and other decorations. Lively Hanawa Bayashi is played on and around the floats.

About Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi