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Moritake Kabuki

Location: Moritake, Mitane Town
Site(s) of performance: Mitane Town Agricultural Village Kabuki Hall
Date(s): Sunday before Elderly Day (3rd Monday of September)
Designation: Town-Designated Intangible Folkloric Cultural Property
Category: Puppet Theater and Kabuki
The origin of Moritake Kabuki is unclear, but it probably started when Kabuki was offered to the deity at Moritake Hachiman Shrine, where it is still performed today at the annual festival. According to scholars and local elderly, it probably started in the early 19th century. An ascetic visited here and suffered serious illness, but was saved thanks to the prayers at the local shrine and villagers’ support. The ascetic performed what later became Moritake Kabuki. It has been performed every year on August 14 in the lunar calendar at the shrine’s annual festival.

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