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Kawakami District Unified Bon Dance

Location: Shita-Kawara, Kosaka, Kosaka City
Site(s) of performance: Kawakami Location Center
Date(s): August 16
Category: Bon Dance
The Bon dance was brought here around 1657 from Miyako in the former Nanbu Domain (present-day Iwate Prefecture). It is danced to see off departing spirits. Dancers dance around a scaffold or a bonfire. The drum music of the introduction has three numbers: Takaya, Seven-Claps, and Big-Claps. The Dai-no-saka is then played and the Jinku dance performed. The Jinku dance of Kazuno (Kazuno Jinku) is danced to songs of seven-seven-seven-five syllables. The songs for the Jinku dance serve mostly to appease the spirits departing for heaven, but also include some love songs. The Jonkara dance is then danced to the music of Nanbu Bushi. In the end, the closing song is sung. The origin of the Jinku songs goes back to the 16th century, when warriors enjoyed dances and music after military campaigns. It was originally called Jingo songs (songs after military campaigns). Jingo underwent phonetic alterations to become Jinku.

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