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Mugurazawa Shishimai

Location: Kurobuchi, Higashiyuri-machi, Yurihonjo City
Site(s) of performance: Gokoku Shrine and other places in the community
Date(s): August 13 and September 1 (the dates of performance had become irregular by the time of the survey conducted in fiscal year 2020.)
Category: Shishimai and Bangaku
This shishimai (lion dance) of Mugurazawa was practiced by the local youth association. In the old days, the day of the annual festival of Gokoku Shrine, April 17, was the opening day for the shishimai season, which closed on September 1. On the days of Obon in mid-August, the shishimai visited individual houses. There used to be an Insect Festival with the shishimai walking around the ridges of rice fields. The shishimai here is always preceded by a sword dance, which purifies and prepares the stage for the shishimai.

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