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Ura-Ōmachi Bon Dance

Location: Ura-Omachi, Hachirogata Town
Site(s) of performance: In the open space in front of Ura-Omachi Community Center
Date(s): August 14
Category: Bon Dance
Ura is an old town that Lord Miura Hyōgono-kami Morinaga ruled from Ura Castle on the nearby hilltop in the 16th century. The Bon dance is now performed on August 14 every year, but in the old days the Bon dance season extended for seven days and nights from August 15, and the villagers also performed a harvest dance, which was virtually identical with the Bon dance, in early September. The origin of the Bon dance here is said to go back to the early 16th century, but there is no record to substantiate this claim. Music is played basically only with drums and Japanese flutes, but some dance numbers are accompanied by a song.

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