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Akita Bayashi

Location: Yabase-Honcho-1-chome, Akita City
Site(s) of performance: The area from Hiyoshi Hachiman Shrine to Omachi-2-chome
Date(s): mid-September (the day of annual festival of Hiyoshi Hachiman Shrine)
Category: Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi
While this is the music for the annual festival of Hiyoshi Hachiman Shrine, it is not played in the shrine, but only while the mikoshi (divine palanquin) and yatai floats with music players make a procession around the community. Akita Bayashi is somewhat similar to Kantō Bayashi and probably served as a prototype for the latter.

About Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi