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Ōsawa Bon Dance

Location: Osawa, Omonogawa-machi
Site(s) of performance: Ōsawa Farmers’ Park
Date(s): August 17 (held exceptionally on August 15 in AY2012)
Category: Bon Dance
In the beginning of the Tenna period (1681–1683), 12 villages merged to become Ōsawa Village, and they seem in those days already to have practiced a Bon dance that was very similar to what we have today. Moreover, the Bon dance here resembles the dance of Akita Ondo. One theory holds that after Akita Ondo and its dance were born in Akita City in the 17th century, they came up the Omono River to arrive here, to which local people added a few innovations in music and lyric to create the Ōsawa Bon Dance.

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