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White Heron Dance

Location: Shimo-Abukawa, Iitagawa, Katagami City
Site(s) of performance: Shimo-Abukawa and the open space in front of the Iitagawa Office of Katagami City
Date(s): May 5 (Shimo-Abukawa Shinmei Shrine’s annual festival) and 1st Sunday of August (Iitagawa White Heron Dance Festival)
Category: Furyū
The performance was (re)started in summer 1984 by a local youth group, based on the records in Sugae Masumi’s ‘Noki-no-Yamabuki’ (Marigold Bush Flowers on the Eaves) and the information offered by Tsuwano Town (Shimane Prefecture). It is a dance of two white herons with the elegant flapping of their winds.

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