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Atago Shrine Kagura Dance

Location: Ohata, Nangai, Daisen City
Site(s) of performance: Atago Shrine
Date(s): April 23 and 24
Category: Shishi-Kagura
The Atago Shrine Kagura Dance is part of kagura rituals performed by priests and their assistants. After the rituals in the main hall, one dance is performed in the long corridor of the shrine. After the introductory rituals, the Five-Clap Dance, Hot Water Dance, Maiden Dance, Sword Dance, Mountain God Dance, and finally Lion Dance (shishimai) are danced. The Hot Water Dance (Yukaji) is a dance for purification, where the dancer dips a special broom in the boiling water, which is prepared on the stage side, and sprinkles the hot water into the air.

About Lion Kagura (Shishi-Kagura)