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Jinego Bon Dance

Location: Kami-Jinego, Chokai-machi, Yurihonjo City
Site(s) of performance: Jionji Temple and other places in the community
Date(s): August 13 and 1st Saturday of September
Category: Bon Dance
The Bon dance of this community is held in the premises of Jionji Temple, a temple of the Sōtō Zen school. It is danced for appeasement of the spirits of the ancestors on August 13 after the visit of graves and the prayer at the temple. Before the Bon dance starts, big drums are beaten to let the villagers know. Since early modern times, four numbers have been practiced: namely, the 13th August of Obon, Sword Music, Saisai Dance, and Akita Ondo (Dance Music).

About Bon Dance