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Kanazawa Bangaku

Location: Fujikoto, Fujisato Towan
Site(s) of performance: Fujisato Town Regional Development Center
Date(s): Mid-October at the Fujisato Town Festival (no longer performed at the time of the survey, conducted in fiscal year 2020)
Category: Shishimai and Bangaku
Kanazawa Bangaku was part of divine rituals and was offered to the Kanazawa Fudōson Shrine. This bangaku was always performed after a prayer on a stage with such sacred objects as Gohei (decorated wooden wands), sanctified rice, sanctified sake, a dragon-head item, a demon mask, and swords. It was performed to celebrate good harvests only in years of at least an average level of harvest, not in the years of poor or very poor harvests. The origin of this bangaku is unclear and we can only surmise that it was brought here from the former Takanosu Town in the Ani area.

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