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Akata Shishimai

Location: Akata, Yurihonjo City
Site(s) of performance: Chōkokuji Temple, Shinmei Shrine, and Akata Community Center
Date(s): February 11 (for the Buddhist rituals of Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra), August 22, and December 10
Category: Shishi-Kagura and Bangaku
The shishimai (lion dance) of Akata is what the priest Zezan-Taikaku of Chōkokuji Temple left here. Zezan taught shishimai to many communities in the area, but the shishimai of Akata is the oldest. The lion head of Akata is believed to be the big brother of that of Shibano (former Honjo City). When many folkloric arts are performed as an offering at the festivals of Chōkokuji Temple and Shinmei Shrine, the shishimai of Shibano is not performed unless that of Akata is performed. Even though it is called shishimai, Akata Shishimai consists of both shishimai and bangaku.

About Shishimai and Bangaku