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Taiko-Furyū and Matsuri-Bayashi

Taiko-Furyū is a big drum performance. The performers beat the drum with art, sometimes combining small and big drums with entertaining rhythms, sometimes carrying a huge drum on a festival float. It can be also performed for spiritual purification and other magic functions at religious festivals. Big drums were originally played at purely religious festivals, but were later introduced in folkloric rituals such as Kashima-Nagashi or Bon Dance, with which the drums tended to become larger.

Matsuri-Bayashi is a performing art of music, but unlike the music performance for the Bon Dance, Matsuri-Bayashi is a music performance with a moving float. Players may be on a moving dashi float or walk after the yatai float with drums on it. In Akita Prefecture, Matsuri-Bayashi starts with introductory music. In some areas, local Matsuri-Bayashi such as Gion-Bayashi or Kensō-Naken Bayashi are performed. Sometimes Matsuri-Bayashi is performed with dance and/or songs. It is played with big and small drums, Japanese flutes, gongs, shamisen (three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instruments), tsuzumi drums, and other instruments.

Shigenai-Yashiki Kashima Drums
Kemanai Bayashi
Kemanai Ōdaiko (Kemanai Big Drums)
Ōyu Bayashi
Hiramoto Ōdaiko (Hiramoto Big Drums)
Hanawa Bayashi
Ōnaori Ōdaiko (Onaori Big Drums)
Tokko Bayashi
Kinzan Daiko (Kinzan Drums)
Yama Daiko
Kosaka Tanabata Festival
Kawakami Ōdaiko
Fukumezawa Okuri Bon Ritual
Kosaka-Manya Ōdaiko (Kosaka-Manya Big Drums)
Nishikigi-Furukawa Ōdaiko (Nishikigi-Furukawa Big Drums)
¬Ōdate Bayashi
Taninai Tabata Festival
Tsuzureko Big Drums (Tsuzureko Ōdaiko)
Noshiro Yaku-Tanabata
Hanekawa Sword Dance
Niiseki Children’s Kagura
Koirikawa Kashima Festival
Kawashiri Kashima Festival
Narayama Kashima Festival
Haykuochi Kashima-Nagashi
Nabekura Bayashi
Nankata Kashima-Okuri
Usui Kashima-Okuri
Yotsuya Kashima-Okuri
Fukai Kashima-Okuri
Yagashiwa Kashima-Okuri Matsuri-Bayashi
Kashima-Okuri and the Kijita-Kitazawa Kashima Shrine Festival
Tamura Bayashi
Akita Bayashi
Yuzawa Gion Bayashi
Yokote Bayashi
Imaizumi-Gion Bayashi
Furuuchi Kagura
Oyama Bayashi
Ōyu Big Drums
Masuda Fukushima-Saisai
Ashinazawa Ōdaiko (Ashinazawa Big Drums)
Sanbon-Ōgi Saisai
Higashi-Imaizumi Hachiman Drums
Tsuchizaki-Minato Bayashi
Kinpō Kagura